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1923-2023 A very special milestone

In the year 2023, ADOLF WEBER will be looking back on 100 years of company history - spanning 4 generations and 5 managing directors. A milestone that we are proud to celebrate, representing as it does a part of Hamburg's building history that we as a company have been able to actively shape and design. 100 years of ADOLF WEBER stands for a feeling of connectedness and trust in the Huckfeldt-Weber family among our employees and customers.

We are taking the opportunity of this anniversary to honour the past and look to the future. We are facing the current challenges and we perceive the opportunities that present themselves to us. As a company, we are constantly evaluating our strategies and goals. With an eye on entrepreneurial success and competitive capabilities, we are striving to strengthen our ability to innovate – now and in future – and to realise a sustainable and holistic life cycle for real estate. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for the next 100 years of ADOLF WEBER.

The following is an excerpt from the chronicle:

Laying the foundation stone in 1923

A fee of 20,000 marks had to be paid so that the Hamburg police authority could issue him with business registration certificate no. 19208. These horrendous costs were due to the dramatic inflation that had driven all prices to dizzying heights since 1921. Having obtained the certificate of incorporation, Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm Weber became the proud owner of an independent business as a building and demolition contractor on 20 March 1923 and in August 1924, he earned his master mason's certificate.

At that time, the company had three to four craftsmen and a so-called Schott'sche Karre, a handcart that was used to transport material. At the time the company was founded, Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm Weber was 35 years old and already in his 10th year of marriage to his wife Agnes. Their son was just nine years old.

In June 1929, Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm Weber obtained Hamburg citizenship for himself and his family, although his residence was still in Wandsbek. The family had already been registered at a new address here since 6 April 1929 - at Ahrensburger Straße 40. The house was to remain the residence and actual company headquarters for many decades to come. In addition, Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm Weber ran a building materials business in Sternstraße in Wandsbek. The Hanseatic knighthood of citizenship was possibly attributable to his business success.


Solid foundations 2023

On summer days - outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the meeting room - countless rowing boats and kayaks pass by on the glittering waters of the adjacent Alsterfleet. On the opposite bank, green gardens line the renovated period buildings. Since 2014, the headquarters of ADOLF WEBER Grundbesitz- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft have been located at Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg in Hamburg-Winterhude.

The vibrant Mühlenkamp neighbourhood is nearby, with its fashionable mix of cafés, restaurants and boutiques. The former industrial quarter of Winterhude, with its multi-storey tenement houses built towards the end of the 19th century for working-class families with many children, now features as one of the Hanseatic city's most attractive districts. Where bunkers from the Second World War or gap-fillers from the post-war years used to stand, high-quality new buildings have been added in recent years - their light-coloured façades blending harmoniously into the rows of renovated old buildings. A few ore strokes further on, the Fleet flows into the Alster river, and the company ADOLF WEBER will be celebrating its 100th anniversary at this location in 2023.

To outsiders, everyday office life here would appear to be almost idyllic. But compared to the company's beginnings as a construction company, the pace of work processes in our digital era and the range of demands and requirements have grown in leaps and bounds. ADOLF WEBER Grundbesitz- und Projektgesellschaft provides many different services for its tenants. The company plans, implements and manages high-quality real estate projects. It acquires properties and develops innovative commercial and residential properties on these sites. The focus in project development is currently on business parks and light industrial properties. The company's own real estate portfolio is managed comprehensively and holistically by its real estate management team.

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