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We have put together a selection of our currently available properties for you to choose from. If you can’t find the property you are looking for, please contact us directly or use our customer inquiry contact form.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTYstorage , service and office space 
ASTOR Gewerbepark Hamburg-Jenfeld, Kurt-Oldenburg-Str. 20 380 m² per unit
4,930 EUR/unit basic rent plus utility costs pre-payment I all prices plus VAT I available I request

Kuehnstraße 73, Hamburg-Jenfeldca. 286 m², 1st floor  I  request

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY retail, office and storage space
ASTOR Gewerberpark Bahrenfeld, Holstenkamp 54-58various spaces from approx. 214 – 340 m²
extension possible by arrangement 
from 7,40 EUR/m² basic rent plus 2.65 EUR/m² service charges pre-payment I
all prices plus VAT  I  request

COMMERCIAL PROPERTYCo-working office spaces, 1 room (R 201 ca.86 m²) -  in the Astor Gewerbepark Norderstedt
Gutenbergring 69A, Norderstedt in comfortable co-working space with lounge, kitchen, and facilities 10,80 EUR/m² basic rent plus 4.80 EUR/m² operating costs advance payment | rental prices excl. VAT I request

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