Active management of your properties.

Managing properties is one of the most demanding activities in the real estate sector. 

Our focus is always on reliably and transparently managing our portfolio of residential and commercial properties in a way that optimises their value. The range we offer includes the right level of service for every property type.

Your contacts in our Commercial Property Management department are:


Commercial Property Management and Service Charge Billing / Management

Industrial parks and commercial
Daniel Schilling
+49 40 66 96 3-125

Commercial Property Management and Service Charge Billing

Residential and commercial
Niklas Hey
+49 40 66 96 3-135

Residential and commercial
Erika Schmidt
+49 40 66 96 3-120

Residential and commercial
Anica Semmelroth
+49 40 66 96 3-140


Residential and commercial
Nina Eske
+49 231 700 941 12


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