Huckfeldt-Weber Children's Foundation.

In the year 2020 under the auspices of the foundation dedicated to supporting the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Faculty of Medicine (the UKE Stiftung), we were instrumental in founding the HUCKFELDT-WEBER KINDERSTIFTUNG, with the object of strengthening the field of paediatrics at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Clinic (UKE).

You will find further information about our foundation below.

Huckfeldt-Weber Kinderstiftung

Our charitable foundation

ADOLF WEBER Grundbesitz- und Projektentwicklung has for many years been a supporter of charitable projects. Our social commitment is focused primarily on the welfare of children, and we therefore support measures that promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of children and young people. As a company with roots in Hamburg that reach back for many generations, in 2020 on the initiative of our managing partner, Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber and under the auspices of the foundation dedicated to supporting the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Faculty of Medicine (the UKE-Stiftung), we established and provided the initial capital for a pediatric foundation entitled the HUCKFELDT-WEBER KINDERSTIFTUNG. Since then we have also regularly added to the endowment. In making this commitment, we are able to specifically support the field of pediatric medicine and initiate research projects.


UKE Stiftung

The main emphases of our support

Through its cooperation with the UKE-Stiftung, the HUCKFELDT-WEBER KINDERSTIFTUNG has initiated a large-scale research project focused on pediatric dementia (NCL). This barely studied metabolic disease is currently incurable. In sponsoring this research, our aim is to help to develop and offer potential treatments and cures for the affected children. This is just one of the projects we are supporting through our foundation.

We would be delighted if you were willing to join with us in supporting further projects in the field of pediatric medicine with a donation or endowment. Our foundation can make direct use of your donation for funding purposes and projects. Whereas an endowment would increase the capital available for the UKE-Stiftung to invest for growth and earnings. The income thus achieved will in turn be used for funding purposes.

Donations and endowments for the Huckfeldt-Weber Kinderstiftung are tax-deductible.

Kinder UKE

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Management Adolf Weber

Tim Beushausen, Thomas Schmitt, Alexander Goebel, Matthias Flaig, Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber, David Imarhiagbe, Henning Nietz, Jochen Boudon (f.l.t.r.)

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