Further Social Commitment.

ADOLF WEBER Grundbesitz- und Projektentwicklung has for many years been a supporter of charitable projects and is deeply convinced of its social responsibility. Our social commitment is focused predominantly on the wellbeing of children and on the cultural field in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

You will find further information about our social projects below.

Bau einer Grundschule in Fontinsa/Benin mit Weitblick

Construction of a primary school in Fontinsa, Benin with tHE charity Organization Weitblick Münster

Since it was first founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit organization, Weitblick has financed the construction of new buildings for existing primary schools in the Dogbo community in the south west of the West African country of Benin. Once the buildings are in use by the schools, they transfer to state ownership. This ensures that the schools continue to function, and that the school buildings are approved and accepted.

Thanks to the support of ADOLF WEBER Grundbesitz- und Projektgesellschaft, in spring 2020 Weitblick, based in Münster, in collaboration with the Benin-based NGO Education Service International (ESI) completed a primary school building in Fontinsa, Benin. At the same time, the municipal authorities erected a second building, with the result that some 200 male and female pupils are now being taught in suitable classrooms. Thanks to the cooperation between Weitblick and ESI, there are now no primary schools in the Dogbo region that do not as a minimum have a stone building.

Huckfeldt-Weber Kinderstiftung

Support for the Hamburg Theatre Festival

The Hamburg Theatre Festival – a project sponsored by the private, not-for-profit Stiftung Hamburger Theater Festival – is a cultural initiative dedicated to promoting theatre culture in the Hanseatic City. ADOLF WEBER has for many years supported the Hamburg Theatre Festival, which each year brings a programme of much discussed and inspiring theatrical productions from the German-speaking world to Hamburg’s stages. The Festival helps to consolidate Hamburg’s status as a cultural metropolis.

Management Adolf Weber

Tim Beushausen, Thomas Schmitt, Alexander Goebel, Matthias Flaig, Marcus-C. Huckfeldt-Weber, David Imarhiagbe, Henning Nietz, Jochen Boudon (f.l.t.r.)

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