ESG and ecological value.

ESG* topics are broadly positioned and implemented in many areas of our company. Based on our service profile as well as the holistic value creation approach for our properties, it ranges from the hot water treatment system to the maintenance and restoration of existing properties, the ecological certification of new buildings and on to topics that impact on daily business in the company and not least our employees. ESG approaches mesh like cogs in a clockwork and represent an active part of the ADOLF WEBER company.

Our service portfolio, project development and the realisation of residential and commercial properties as well as the management of our real estate portfolio, create sustainable added value for society. With regard to houses and buildings by ADOLF WEBER, hundreds of thousands square metres of living and working space have been created to date, where people find feel-good homes and which offer companies productivity-boosting workplaces as well as high-quality production and service areas.

ESG and sustainability

*ESG (in German: Umwelt, Soziales und Unternehmensführung) is used as a broader concept and term for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This is the evaluation of corporate social responsibility: in other words, the voluntary contribution of business to sustainable development that extends beyond the relevant legal requirements.

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